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Admire beautiful images of your source code

The developer community is constantly on the move and with it, the way everyone share and interact with each others code does too. Carbon is meant for that! The easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your code.

Just head to Carbon site and type your code in //type here section. Choose over theme, language and other settings. And Boom! its ready to be shared in a beautiful way.


With Carbon, you can import from GitHub gist. Simply append a GitHub gist id to the url, e.g.<GIST_ID_HERE>. Customize things like your image’s syntax theme, window style, and more. Save your image or Tweet a link with one click.

The simple way to use it frequently is via your IDE, visit community section to integrate with your favorite IDE. I use it as VS Code extension to share the code. Simply highlighting my code and using command palette search as “carbon” does the work.


As I notice, with everything in URL, I believe the tool will fail on Internet Explorer, as it has URL length limit. Haven’t tested though! But that’s not a concern!

Official Site: Carbon

Alternative: Polacode This is for VS code editor embedded workflow. Provides same functionality as carbon.