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Tool of the Trade for CLI Apps - `Chalk` 🖍

This is a series of libraries and utilities for building Command-line-interfaces aka CLI using Node.js and ecosystem around it. Similar utilities/helpers may be available for other languages but, these series is focused on JavaScript and its friends.

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If you are building a CLI that done some good amount of console logs, i.e, logging on the terminal, you would want it to be more user friendly and be able to differentiate between various message. Constantly adding logged messages means that the most important messages can get lost in the shuffle. Chalk is here to solve that, Terminal string styling done right!

With 256 and Truecolor color support, it also offers various modifiers like ‘strikethrough’, ‘underline’, ‘italic’, etc . It can also set background color for individual strings.


Chalk has a very easy to follow, simple to use API. Chalk comes with composable API where you just chain and nest the styles you want. Here are a few code examples:

const chalk = require('chalk');

// style a string'Hello world!');

// styled and normal strings'Hello') + 'World' +'!');

//  chainable API'Hello world!');

// multiple arguments'Hello', 'World!', 'Foo', 'bar', 'biz', 'baz');

// nest styles'Hello', chalk.underline.bgBlue('world') + '!');

With ES6 Tagged Template usage, API seems to be very simple, e.g,

const chalk = require('chalk');

const miles = 18;
const calculateFeet = miles => miles * 5280;

  There are {bold 5280 feet} in a mile.
  In {bold ${miles} miles}, there are {green.bold ${calculateFeet(miles)} feet}.

You can check out official repo for all usage details.

Github Repo: Chalk