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Tool of the Trade for CLI Apps - `execa` 🖥

This is a series of libraries and utilities for building Command-line-interfaces aka CLI using Node.js and ecosystem around it. Similar utilities/helpers may be available for other languages but, these series is focused on JavaScript and its friends.

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If you are building a CLI and spawn a process to execute some external task/action, you can use child_process to create Synchronous Process or Asynchronous Process. This works pretty well in most cases but execa offers more.

As advertised, this package improves child_process methods with:

  • Promise interface.
  • Strips the final newline from the output so you don’t have to do stdout.trim().
  • Supports shebang binaries cross-platform.
  • Improved Windows support.
  • Higher max buffer. 100 MB instead of 200 KB.
  • Executes locally installed binaries by name.
  • Cleans up spawned processes when the parent process dies.
  • Get interleaved output from stdout and stderr similar to what is printed on the terminal. (Async only)
  • Can specify file and arguments as a single string without a shell
  • More descriptive errors.

It provides APIs in both variants , async (Promise) and sync. execa has a very easy to follow, simple to use API. Here is a code example:

const execa = require('execa');

(async () => {
	const { stdout } = await execa('echo', ['execa: A better child process management']);
	//=> 'execa: A better child process management'

You can check out official repo for all usage details.

Github Repo: execa

Published Jul 2, 2019

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