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Watch your Jest based test cases on browser via Majestic

Many of us have written down test cases, or test suites, that are essentially based on Jest by facebook, which is a comprehensive JavaScript testing solution, works out of the box for most JavaScript projects.

The CLI is works perfectly, providing watch mode and coverage part, but all in šŸ‘¾terminal . Here is a quick npm module that brings those things on šŸ–„browser, Majestic. It is essentially GUI for jest that does not require any configuration.


Currently, it supports jest v20 and above. It provides, Run all the tests or a single file, Toggle watch mode, Update snapshots , Examine test failures as they happen and lot of other features. It can be installed globally and used across projects or can also be integrated as dev dependency in a project.

Official Site: Majestic

Published Apr 17, 2019

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